Tuesday, February 24

free download - a seamless pattern

It's been a fairly grey start to the week, so I thought it would be fun to share a free download here on the blog (...plus it's been forever since my last update, so let this be some form of an apology as well) that you can use for your own projects.

I feel like the spring is coming, so I doodled some pretty flowers and created a seamless floral pattern with a couple of different variations. While I was working on these, I was craving for a coffee... so I tested the patterns out on a coffee-related mockup, and I think they turned out pretty cute.

But now it's your turn to create something fun with these! And please do link your creations here on the post comments, so I can see what pretty things you've used these for. Enjoy!

 Just click here for the free download link


Thursday, November 6

muotoseikka\ blog rebranding

I recently had the privilege to work with Vilja from muotoseikka\ on her blog rebranding. Vilja's blog is filled with minimalistic interior design goodies from her own home as well as other homes and spaces she feels inspired by.

We both agreed on not adding any extra bells and whistles, as the goal was a light and airy layout, allowing Vilja's beautiful photography to take the main role. The new look is geometric and modern with a lot of empty space. We added a touch of colour to create warmth and make Vilja's online home a little more inviting. So dive into Vilja's blog and get inspired!

If you're interested in a similar design project, don't hesitate to get in touch! I'd love to discuss your ideas with you. 

Photography by Vilja Vehkaoja from muotoseikka\


Wednesday, November 5

Do it yourself

I'm determined that from now on I'll be more into building things and less about thinking about building things. And our new home is the perfect reason to step up my game in the DIY/repurposing department. There are some quirky ideas out there, so I thought I'd pick some of my favorites and share them with you.

  Dresser makeover from Poppytalk  

Ok, now we're talking! This dresser makeover from Poppytalk is beyond awesomeness. I love the new sleek and colourful look, and I'm happy the "soul" of the original piece has not vanished during the makeover. It still has the mid-century feel but with a modern twist. 10/10.

See the original post by Nicole Phillips of Visual Heart at Poppytalk.

  Bike rack from Andreas Scheiger  

This bike rack idea by Andreas Scheiger so much fun! My partner is a complete bike nerd, so I immediately fell in love with this idea! You could even have the "deer head" displayed on its own. In our household that would probably be the case, because of the mud factor.

See the original post at Andreas' Behance page.

  How to use plastic bottles to make concrete pendant lamps by Brit + Co 

This pendant DIY project is a little more fiddly and ambitious, but nevertheless very do-able! I think this is something I would probably procrastinate doing... but I'd love to challenge myself if (YES if... because it could be a total fail) the end result is something as amazing as this! 

See the original post at Brit + Co.

PSST. If I end up trying out (YES, I said I was determined!!) any of these little projects, I'll definitely share it with you.

Tuesday, November 4

Verkatehdas - old broadcloth factory

We're doing the happy dance here, because we got an apartment at Verkatehdas, which is an old broadcloth factory by Lake Littoinen, near Turku Finland. I am beyond happy and already brainstorming million ideas for the interior!

The Littoinen village started growing after the founding of a broadcloth factory in 1739, and the railway connection built in 1899 increased its growth. In the 1960s the operations of the broadcloth factory were discontinued due to decreased demand, and now the premises have been transformed into residential and commercial spaces. The factory's heritage is still very much visible in the village place and the street names. I could not be happier to call a place like this home...in only couple short weeks. December could not come earlier this year!

My interior style is quite eclectic and I love combining modern with vintage, so having the opportunity to work with an industrial style space makes my socks spin! We will be renting, so I am sure there will be some limitations to what we can do... but hey, the space is quite spectacular with 5m ceiling height so whatever we do, I am sure it will all be pretty amazing!

So stay tuned for million updates and inspiration boards!

Photos via Emma ja Anselmi Littoinen village association 1 // 2 // 3